Looking to spice up your everyday wardrobe? Our socks are versatile enough to be worn with everything from sneakers to heels.

Welcome to Glintx, your fashion accessory brand that brings character and sparkles to your everyday look! 

Derived from the word "glint," which means a flash or gleam of light. This represents the beautiful and eye-catching appliqués that adorn our socks.

Fashion is a form of self-expression and socks should be more than just a practical accessory - but a reflection of your personal style and individuality 

Exposed Socks have emerged as the latest trend in fashion, and now we’ve turned the basic socks into a Statement piece!

 With the understanding that comfort is just as important as style, we strive to provide the perfect balance between the two. Our combination of high-quality materials creates the canvas for our athletic crew socks to ensure that they’re stylish, comfortable, and durable, upon which we build every Statement pair!